About us

Aviation Technical Solutions


Looking for an aviation and industrial logistics expert? Look no further. TEKSOL understands that precise supply chain assessment and management are vital to success in the aviation and other industrial avenues.
As one of the leading privately owned logistics and supply chain management service providers, TEKSOL focuses on providing secure, innovative, and time-sensitive solutions for our customers; in brief our logistics teams design secure, cost effective and scalable solutions.

We at TEKSOL FZE provide customised aviation technical solutions, parts distribution, MRO services, supply chain management and consultancy services for our military and commercial customers, minimizing their investments in assets and maximizing their operational readiness. Together we work to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our Pursuit

TEKSOL FZE supply chain’s missionary struggle/zest is increasingly governed by compliance of rules & regulations, due diligence, stricter safety regulations, just-in-time processes, reduced repair cycles and after-sales performance commitments.
The value and extremely precise purpose of certain parts, the multitude of destinations, the globalization of procurement and maintenance, and heightened pressure to optimize costs; resultantly assimilates & integrates into STI’s business system of supply chains, which is increasingly governed by just-in-time processes and after-sales performance commitments through close loop Quality Management System under ISO 9001-2015.


  • Supply of products includes industrial parts & supplies.
  • Aviation ground support supplies and services.
  • Composite Materials & Manufacturing Global Connectivity:
  • Repair / Overhaul Support. Repair, rehabilitation, up-gradation and overhaul 
  • Parts & Tools Manufacturing Support
  • High end automation through software system programming (NC, 3D, CAM), increased machine tool performance
  • Technical support for peculiar maintenance or compliance of engineering change orders (Service Bulletins, Air Directives & TCTOs etc.)
  • Ferry of aircraft/helicopter to foreign MROs (approved by OEM) for major inspections, overhauls & engineering tasks.
  • Refurbishment & Soft Furnishing of Aircraft interiors as per the Military, FAA & EASA standards.
  • Integrated training workshops as per the aviation & industrial safety & capacity building arisings

Product Support

We offer an extensive inventory of aircraft parts with thousands of FAA-approved parts. product support like Airframes, Engines & Tooling Support

Repairs & Exchange

Arrow has a strong network of OEM-approved FAA/EASA repair centers and MROs. For your convenience, we can offer exchanges from OEMs

MRO Services

With the Aircraft Propeller Industry growing in every direction, there are many types of aircraft propellers out on the market that will act and perform differently with