What We Do

Equipment and Parts Supply

TEKSOL FZE supply chain’s missionary struggle/zest is increasingly governed by compliance of rules & regulations, due diligence, stricter safety regulations, just-in-time processes, reduced repair cycles and after-sales performance commitments.
The value and extremely precise purpose of certain parts, the multitude of destinations, the globalization of procurement and maintenance, and heightened pressure to optimize costs; resultantly assimilates & integrates into STI’s business system of supply chains, which is increasingly governed by just-in-time processes and after-sales performance commitments through close loop Quality Management System under ISO 9001-2015.

Repairs and Overhauls

Whether complete platform, engine or individual components, TEKSOL FZE manages repairs and overhauls through its network of approved MROs. MRO services includes inspections, major repair, replacements and service bulletins compliance.

Where considered expedient, TEKSOL FZE also offers the option of overhaul exchange parts to its customers.

Upgrades and Modernizations

Through our network of experienced MROs and engineering companies, we provide the services for upgrade and modernization of customers platforms and equipment. Examples include upgrades to glass cockpit configuration related to avionics, communications, navigation, surveillance, Medevac systems, etc

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