Flights to China

China has experienced the rapid growth in advancement, technology and tourism ever since opens its door to the world in 70’s. From around the world more and more tourist visits this ancient country with strong history and glimpse of bright futures. Chinese cuisine is most popular cuisine in the entire world. Astonishing China is about the same size as the continental USA but china has only one official time zone while continental USA has four. There is so much to do in china that this country is must visit place in tourist list.

Attraction places

China is country where numbers of attraction places are found. Half of world knows China because of Great Wall of China and its worldwide famous food. Forbidden City in heart of Beijing listed China’s largest and best preserved ancient buildings. It is also largest palace complex in the world, a must place to visit when in China. If you are fond of Buddhist art don’t forget to visit the Mogao Grottoes, featuring most important collection of Buddhist art in the world. Yungang Caves are simply bravura with 51,000 ancient statues and celestial beings. The charm of this place put everything else in shade in Shanxi. Temple of Heaven Park with its unique structure and important is one of china’s busiest urban landscape.

The Terracotta Army is simply a treat for archaeological students as it is most famous archaeological finds in the world. History of China is quiet deep where many emperors ruled this land. To avoid suffocating summer emperors flee to the Summer Palace, a marvel design palace with huge lake and hilltop view is now famous attraction for tourist. For true nature lovers Jiuzhaigou National Park is treasure where you can enjoy raw beauty of twinkling lakes and craggy landscapes. It is consider a highlight of China.

Things to do

China is country which provides you long list of things to do, during your trip you will never get bored as one after another activity is ahead of you. Half day tour to Hong Kong Island is must to do where you can know about its history and famous landmarks with new highlights including Victoria Peak, Stanley Market and Aberdeen fishing village. Hong Kong is ever changing place, you will enjoy here whether it’s your first visit or you come to refresh your memories. Enjoy unforgettable day with guidance trip from Beijing to the World Heritage listed Great Wall of China and Ming Tombs. Explore the Chang Ling Tomb and Badaling section of Great Wall.

Cute and lovely Chinese Pandas are waiting for you, so don’t forget to pay your visit to impressive creatures in China. You can visit Dujiangyan Giant Panda Center or Chengdu Panda Breeding Center. Tour to red panda section will be the most amusing activity as the little pandas will be there to welcome you. No trip is completed without tasting the local food of country. Hong Kong Central, Sheung Wan Districts Food walking tour takes you to divine journey. Enjoy mouthwatering dim sum, noodles dishes, deserts and drinks. Complete your trip in China with Hong Kong Harbor Night Cruise to enjoy sweeping city views with memorable dinner at Victoria Peak, followed by cruise trip with unlimited drinks, a perfect way to spend an evening.

Best time visit China

Chinese people are real carrier of their predecessors’ norms and superstitions so numerous events related to religion held time to time. The event keep on happening all around the year across the world so finding a cheap flight to China can be difficult task. The peak season is from October to December where hotels are packed and restaurants are flocked form tourists. Weather is hot but tourist love to visit China in the summers because of the bright and dry days the country offers. If you are pondering to visit China at some special event or day then try to book in advance in order to save your money. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the most prominent times in the whole year where this populous country is further populated with people. Chinese New Year is another National occasion where the commemorations are beyond the world and if you even once attend the show, then the experience will last with you forever of your life. Cheap flights are near to impossible at these times so make sure to keep it in mind while searching for flights to China.

Off season

When to go and when to not usually depend on the part of country you are planning to visit in China. Every city has its own charm and uniqueness so plan your trip in accordance to your destination. China receives a huge visitation so peak season is all around the year but winters can bring a cheap flight for you as most of the people prefer to visit China in summers. Spring and autumn can bring you cheap flights and benefits you with low tourist sittings however autumn specifically is best with its fantastic weather and less hustle bustle

Best time to book flight to china

Try to secure a flight to China 3 t o4 months prior your flight so you will grasp a cheap flight to the country with too much to experience. If you have calculated budget then being in China in low season will aid you a lot as there are other things that you can do. For example in low season you may not be able to experience an event but you can enjoy the gusto meals and also explore the historic monuments as well as architectural spectaculars. If you are thinking the one season that will bring you all from cheap flights to most amusement then autumn would be perfect to visit China as it is a season with great weather, also bestowing cheap flights with some of the events taking place. Being flexible with your flight dates can benefit you with a lot of saving.

Flight duration from UK to China

It will take 11 hours and 35 minutes to fly from London to Hong- Kong, from Manchester to Shanghai it will take 12 hours and 55 minute, Birmingham to Hong- Kong will take 14 hours and if you are commencing your flight from Glasgow then it will take 13 hours to reach Shanghai.

Airlines to travel with

Virgin Atlantic, Air China, British Airways, China Eastern, Air Canada and Lufthansa are some of the airlines that operate flights from UK to China. Due to steep distance among the two countries try to choose the on airlines that bestow various during- flight services. Virgin Atlantic offers wide range on in- flight entertainment as well as excellent in endeavoring comfort so your hauled flight will never be boring for you. Choosing British Airways will endow you to enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks during flights so try to search well before choose.

Around the country

Taking Airport’s Express, shuttle bus, subway or taxi are various means of transportation to travel around the city. Because China is a quire populous country so it will be hard to move from city to city via road vehicles. If you are good at your budget then domestic flights inside China are the most appropriate mean to travel with ease, convenience and congenial.

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